3 Photos I Took This Week #8

Photo 1

Luis belting out a song at his band’s show. I framed him with the mic stand and the neck of his band-mate’s guitar, and blackened everything with heavy contrast to give the whole thing a really slick feel. The diagonals give the image a feeling of movement and of chaos.

Black, like this, is stand-offish, fashionable, alluring, unapproachable, sexy. It’s my new favorite way to shoot faces.

Also, holy noise! I will always boost my ISO to irresponsible levels — that noise, especially when in black and white, is gorgeous. Rules are made to be broken or whatever.

Photo 2

Another selection from this series. Where we have exertion, there must also be exhaustion. The guitar strings are a clear focal point here, and the lucky twang I captured gives the photo a feeling of release. More black, more black!

Photo 3

On a whim I drove to Heber City last week and walked down the main street taking photos. I get stir crazy. Signage is a fun thing to shoot, and making everything black and white forces us to see shape, form, line — rather than the subject as a whole. There’s also something aesthetically pleasing about the flag in black and white — Stankonia, anyone?

All the lines jut out oddly, so we have a bunch of contrast and a lot of forces pulling our eye in every direction. What are we supposed to look at? Our eye fights between the sign of the walking man, and the flag in the wind.


2 thoughts on “3 Photos I Took This Week #8

  1. There’s a really great sense of energy in each of these photos. There is a sense of movement in the edit between the first two photos as Luis and the camera rotate. In the third photo, aside from the movement of the waving flags, the diagonal lines going in the same direction as the wind enhances the sense of movement.


  2. Matthew Taggart

    I think your strongest image is Number 1, particularly due to the framing you memtioned and the competing diagonal lines. I too am a big fan of black and white, and i think the contrast between black and white also makes for a compelling image. Great work all around, the sinage one is also quite effective the way you had it framed in the shot.


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