3 Photos I Took This Week – #7

Photo 1

I got this at the Muse Music Cafe! A new life rule everyone should adopt — if you see neon signs, take photos. They always turn out dope!

It was such a strong moment that I wanted to capture. A couple, the bright, bold sign, the mundane electrical sockets. It all came together and I was lucky to get it! I had to ask them if they’d be willing to pose for the photo, but years of missionary work prepped me for talking with strangers.

Photo 2

This one was from a while back, when I was scouting the Utah Lake State Park for the second film assignment. I was walking back from the long pier, and the sun was setting, and this old car full of teenagers drove by. I gave them a nod and they nodded back. Then they stopped, further down, and one got out, and looked out at the vast frozen lake. I turned around and snapped this with my phone just in time.

I know it’s not from this week, but I sat on this one intentionally for the Color week!

Photo 3

Another one from Muse Music, this was Luis’ bandmate sticking his setlist onto the stage. The green and the magenta lights hit one another in just the right spot and made my camera go haywire. You never see colored lights mixing like that in regular, day to day life, so it was fun getting that shot.


One thought on “3 Photos I Took This Week – #7

  1. I’m really digging the variety of color in these photos. Excellent work. The word “People” above those people is just great. I really like how the hands photo tells its own story as well. I do wish there was a little more going on in the mountain photos. But great work overall, as always! Love it!


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