3 Photos I Took This Week – #6

Photo 1 and 2

The weather warmed enough last weekend that I could ride my bike again. It was so desperately freeing! Taking my usual route from the Branbury to the Provo Canyon, I managed to get these photos under the now-under-construction bridge. The way the overhanging structure let only some light into the darker underbelly area gave me that  rare “more than real life” feeling I sometimes get with great light.

I need to carry my DSLR with me when I cycle in future!

Photo 3

This is looking straight down from the top floor of the Tanner Building on BYU campus. I suck at heights. I was almost shaking, no joke. Sadly I didn’t get the chance to reframe this shot because I realized mid-shoot that I was looking down five storeys and was freaking out a great deal.


One thought on “3 Photos I Took This Week – #6

  1. These are very impressive. Really cool lines and shapes. The diagonal lines and three point perspectives of all of these are just so strong. I like how you snapped these just on a normal everyday bike ride, but they don’t feel like Provo at all. They feel like another world, a story waiting to be told. What happens under these places? All three of them have a lot of character and variety, and each has a varied tone. I would love to see a subject, however. Even just one person in the second photo would add a lot more to the photo in what it is trying to stay. Still, overall outstanding work, as always. 🙂
    – Barrett

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