3 Photos I Took This Week – #5

Phone photos only this week! Directing a scene means I don’t have the time to get my DSLR out sadly.

Photo 1

Kent and Stephen talking while I stumble down a rocky shore, trying to see how the water looks closer up. I saw them and had to get a pic! There’s a fun contrast between the squarish rectangularness of the jetty and the fluid lines of their persons. The mountains framed in the background add a nice touch. The clouds make a leading line to Stephen’s head, which is also sort of on a third. His color also contrasts nicely with the rest of the picture.

I used Instagram’s built in photo editor for this one, as I had been relying on the Photoshop Express app a bit too much, and it had been running slowly. I boosted contrast, upped the exposure, added structure, pushed highlights up and lowered shadows, and added 2 layers of blue tint — apparently blue-tinted photos statistically garner more engagement on social media.

Photo 2

This was from the same location, but a few days earlier when I’d scouted the place out. The whole lake was frozen over, I thought it would be nice to get a picture of the pier amidst all the snow. The rectangles and squares create a one point perspective.

Photo 3

There was this bin full of old cameras in the tunnel last week I think? Lots of fluid, curly lines, plus a few circles set within one another, and a sneaky shoe-selfie on the bottom of the frame. I also snapped the cable of my headphones, creating a sense of editorialisation — a parallel between my own cables and the ones in the bin.


One thought on “3 Photos I Took This Week – #5

  1. These are truly fantastic. I’m always in awe of your photos, they are really something. I love love love the first one especially. The lines are strong and there is so much story here. The atmosphere is perfect. It honestly feels like a photo taken in the United Kingdom.

    The lines in the second photo are really nice, and it feels like a sister photos of the first photo. In this one the colors are beautiful, and I like the idea of this pathway to nowhere. The third photo feels conceptually strong to me and I like the shape, but this one is my least favorite. It feels the most rushed to me. I don’t like that you can see your feet, or that the focus feels a little soft on some parts of the trash can.

    Overall, this is still all standout work! I would watch out for the fact that these aren’t 16:9, though. If they were originally, they are being shown as much more square.

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