3 Photos I Took This Week – #4

Photo 1

The mountains and construction equipment. A nice little juxtaposition, plus I’m a sucker for pinkish orange sunsets. The cranes are kind of a depth cue, I dunno.

Dirty lens fans rejoice!

Photo 2

Sneaky self-portrait! Texture is a great thing to focus on when taking photos — you can really bring out a sense of tactility in the subject. I loved the way the shapes had been arranged, clearly without much thought, but pleasing nonetheless.

Again, things are a story of the people who interacted with them. There’s a loneliness to abandoned furniture, abandoned things.

Photo 3

I kind of like flat images but wonder how much you can really do with them. My instinct has been towards depth and very very wide angles for a long time now, perhaps it would be good to explore flat images more.


2 thoughts on “3 Photos I Took This Week – #4

  1. 1. I love the diagonal lines created here, especially the darker mountains and the darker clouds surrounding the pink and yellow clouds. Somehow it makes them seem brighter.

    2. This one feels imbalanced, but I think it works to this photo’s strength. The overlapping boxes still on a flat plane, but we really only see the front sides of each of them so they appear as squares instead of cubes.

    3. This one’s my favorite of the three. Everything feels on the same plane here. The only thing to really overlap or show some non-flat form is the pink sofa in the middle. The sofa though is still straight on with the camera, so it maintains a certain flatness while still being a great saturated subject.

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  2. Great work! The lines and space are well explored and the subject of the boxes and couch especially are very interesting. The papers on the wood for the second photo even feel sort of purposeful, saying “no surplus” and I think that is interesting. I really really love the subject of your third film–the couch almost feels like a character, standing out among the flatness both in shape and color–and the flatness of the space is well utilized in conjunction with the halting rhetoric of the sign.

    Overall, great work, as usual! 🙂

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