3 Photos I Took This Week – #3

Photo 1

The security guard box was a little beacon of light amidst all the snow. I loved the way the thick black stripe contrasted with the white stucco of the walkway, and loved the lines they made. I had to get a photo!

Photo 2

Another photo on the walkway. Tunnels are very dope. The contrast between light and dark is fun to play with.

Photo 3

I wanted to have some fun with line, pattern, and light. I darkened everything but the focal point to force the viewer’s eye to the deviation in the angle.


One thought on “3 Photos I Took This Week – #3

  1. Photo 2 seems to be the only one addressing depth and I like how you utilized change in tone as an additional depth cue, though the picture as a whole feels a little incidental. Also, it’s funny that my tunnel picture was me standing on the opposite side of it.

    I really like the use of line in photo 1, contrasting between diagonal and horizontal/vertical lines in the same image. And I think the overlapping elements help sell some depth here as well.

    Photo 3 does have some interesting lines and is decidedly flat in nature.


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