3 Photos I Took This Week – #2

Photo 1 and 2

I sat around in Brigham Square an hour or so before sunset and asked people if I could take their photos — it was a street style instinct I’d wanted to follow for a long time, and luckily I got a couple of good pics! Sadly, street style photography is tricky at BYU, because most people dress quite conservatively and not very photogenically.

The way a person presents themselves is a glimpse into their inner lives, and is a reflection of the way they see themselves.

Photo 3

I snuck this one while getting the mail on my crappy phone cam. The light was quite nice, I think I lucked out. The shadows fell perfectly around the cop car. Composition-wise, the blank space at the top and bottom of the frame kind of forces our view to the middle.


2 thoughts on “3 Photos I Took This Week – #2

  1. Nice work. Also, I think your photos are supposed to be in landscape orientation. But anyways, I really liked the first in terms line. The building behind him forces us to look right at him, plus the contrast of his dark pants on the bright planter makes that even stronger.


  2. The first photo feels really organic. The fact that he is in green and the background is all beige makes him pop and draws to the eye to rather than any other objects in frame.

    While the second photo is obviously her posing for a photo, it still feels really genuine. Again, the colors that she is wearing are just deep enough that they make you look at the subject rather than anything else. It also helps that none of the people in the background are looking or walking towards the camera.

    You are totally right about framing the picture in empty space with photo 3.


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